Glamping + LARP = GLARPING!

Camp in Style and in Character!

Let us create the prefect night of adventure for you and your friends.

Turn a night of Camping into a Night of Adventure 

GLARP is a system for creating and running a Live-Action Roleplaying experience for 6 to 8 players.

It combines aspects of European style LARPs and murder mysteries into a tight 4-6 hour experience to be enjoyed over the course of an evening. It is designed to provide players with a small-scale, intimate, story-driven roleplay experience that focuses on character and plot over exploration or warfare.

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Two ways to play

Run your own game with the GLARP Rulebook and    Pre-made Adventure Guide, letting you know everything you need to run a successful GLARP!

OR , We will bring one of our GLARP adventures straight to you, complete with food, drink, hand-made props, costumes, weapons, and set dressing to aid in the immersion. We play the NPC characters and run the game for your party so you can have the most authentic and enthralling LARP experience we can provide.



Small Scale LARP

Designed for players who want a deeper roleplaying experience, in a short amount of time.  While LARPs can be long, large, and intimidating, GLARPing is a evening away with friends.



Designed to function like a high-stakes bottle episode, each campaign takes around 4-6 hours and slowly ramps up tension as the conflicting goals of 6-8 characters are revealed. In essence, a standard GLARP campaign should take place in one space, with all the characters incentivised to stay there until their goals are achieved.


Combat is of course inevitable, but is designed to be strategic and accessible, not to mention safe to perform in a confined space. A specially designed turn-based boffer combat system allows players of all kinds to roleplay their kind of hero, regardless of their ableness or athleticism.